Day Three Ends On a High

Day Three Ends on a High

Day three ended on a high today, quite literally, as Sip smashed another twenty four hour long challenge, this time climbing a wall in Newcastle city centre. In the past day, the wall has seen a total distance climbed of 40390 metres, the vast majority of that distance covered by Sip. It was fantastic for the team to meet so many people, and we thank everyone who stopped by for their time, generous donations and kind words of encouragement. It was also great to let people experience the wall for themselves, to sample the endurance and physical challenge such an activity has on the body and mind.

Talking in the evening late on Wednesday, after more than 56 without sleep, Sip remains positive about the challenge ahead and his progress so far. "I feel ok. A lot of the guys in the team are asking me how I’m doing and I am ok. If I wasn’t I’d be honest, but at the moment I think I’m surprising people in a nice way. Today has been great to interact with members of the public, and I am so thankful for the overwhelming support from everyone. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone from Newcastle for the kind donations, for the encouraging words. It really does mean a lot."

From Thursday, the challenge continues on higher ground, as Sip ascends and completes two full loops of the Yorkshire Three Peaks, first the conventional anti-clockwise route, followed by the same again but clockwise, a total ascent of over three thousand metres. Experienced mountaineer and Sip’s childhood hero, Alan Hinkes, will be joining the team for segments of the climb, and we are sure he will be the perfect companion in tricky terrain and warmer conditions. At this stage Sip now hasn’t slept for three days, has covered over 400 kilometres on bike, and has climbed over 35000 metres on a climbing wall. Will another ascent in the Yorkshire sun get the better of him?

Check back tomorrow and follow us on social media to keep updated on progress from day four. You can help us to make a difference by donating today, however small the amount. It really will help us to change lives for the better. Seven days of pain is nothing compared to what our service personnel and veterans go through every day, both mentally and physically, suffering in silence.

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