Endurance Fundraising Event Day One | MTB

Monday 28th June 2021

    Sutton Bank, Thirsk

Sip’s mammoth challenge commences with a gruelling twenty four hours of off road mountain biking, using various MTB routes at the Sutton Bank in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. This location will provide a scenic backdrop for Sip, with the lake sparkling from far below, and dizzying views in all directions. We are sure that will be of little interest to Sip though, with the prospect of two full days in the saddle. We will transfer to Dishforth Airfield for cycling during the night.

Endurance Fundraising Event Day Two | Road Bike

Tuesday 29th June 2021

    Dishforth, Thirsk

Following a hop from mountain to road bike, day two commences with the support team in hot pursuit. Tuesday will involve a twenty four hour road cycle, the route being a thirty kilometre loop in and around the local area around Dishforth. Members of our support team will follow on shifts, before moving to the safety of Dishforth Airfield at night. After the undulating trails of day one, smooth roads will no doubt provide slight relief after two days in the saddle.

Endurance Fundraising Event Day Three | Climbing

Wednesday 30th June 2021

    Old Eldon Square, Newcastle

Day three of the challenge will be a twenty four hour climb on a climbing wall in Old Eldon Square, Newcastle city centre. Site of a war memorial and host of the city's Remembrance Day commemoration, the location ties in perfectly with the nature of the challenge, and supporting our military veterans. We hope to engage with the public and the media on this day, and we’re sure Sip will welcome the support as he strives towards the half way mark.

Endurance Fundraising Event Day Four | Trekking

Thursday 1st July 2021

    The Yorkshire Three Peaks

Day four will combine mountaineering and trekking, Sip completing two loops of the Yorkshire Three Peaks, a total ascent of over three thousand metres. One loop of the route is nearly forty kilometres, and although Sip does have a support team, he will be the only member of that team to complete a full two loops, one the conventional anti-clockwise route, followed by the same again but clockwise. Alan Hinkes, childhood hero of Sip, will be joining us on this day.

Endurance Fundraising Event Day Five | Abseil

Friday 2nd July 2021

    Exchange Flags, Liverpool

Day five will be a gruelling twenty four hour abseil at Exchange Flags in Liverpool, a feat that possibly has never been done for that duration before. Approaching the weekend quite literally on a high, we hope to engage with press and media contacts through the day to further spread our message. A big thank you to our sponsors, Opal Access, for supporting us with safety equipment and their expertise for the day, as well as for securing the venue.

Endurance Fundraising Event Day Six | Canoe & Kayak

Saturday 3rd July 2021

    Ripon Canal, Ripon

The penultimate day of Sip’s endurance challenge, day six will involve twenty four hours of kayaking and open boating on a section of the Ripon Canal in North Yorkshire. The support team will be shadowing Sip all day and through the night, either from the bank or alongside in alternate craft. We hope to engage with the public and the media on this day, as Sip makes his final strides and strokes towards the finishing line on Sunday.

Endurance Fundraising Event Day Seven | Running

Sunday 4th July 2021

    Dishforth Airfield, Thirsk

After blood, sweat and inevitable tears, the challenge finishes on Sunday, day seven, with a run around familiar territory, Dishforth Airfield at the base of 6 Regiment RLC. At this stage Sip will have run, cycled, climbed, paddled and walked for hundreds of miles, suffering from sleep deprivation and exhaustion, as he now makes a final push to complete the challenge. With the regiment around him, both friends and colleagues, we hope his efforts make a difference.

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