Day One Done and Dusted

Day One Done and Dusted

That’s day one done and dusted with Sip in fine spirits, faring well physically and mentally so far. In the past twenty four hours he has covered a distance of over 200 kilometres, both around the Sutton Bank in the day, and back at base through the night. He now transfers to road bike with another full day ahead on the saddle, no doubt a welcome change after the undulating trails of day one.

On Tuesday and into Wednesday, Sip will complete thirty kilometre loops on road bike, on a local route in and around Dishforth, with the support team in hot pursuit on shifts. It is expected that another 300 kilometers will be covered today, but you can keep updated with progress via our Just Giving account, where all the data is being synced and tracked, through the day and into the night. Aside from the physical aspects of the challenge, Sip is undertaking psychometric tests every six hours, ensuring his mental wellbeing. He is supported by a loyal team who accompany on shifts, increasing morale, offering encouragement and making sure that everything goes to plan.

In The Media

Monday marked our first live media interview, with BBC Radio York catching up with Sip during a comfort break within the first few hours of the challenge. You can listen to that interview here, and we thank the station and listeners for their time. Over the coming days, we welcome press and the media to make contact, spread the word and help us raise donations for a more than worthy cause.

We also thank Dragon’s Den investor, Sara Davies, for her lovely words of encouragement on Twitter, which can be seen here. Why not follow our channels on social media and check back tomorrow for an update from day two? Sip and the team will be forever thankful for your support. Watch video footage from day one of the challenge below, and help us to make a difference, however small the donation.

Other Enduro7 Fundraising News

Our New Website

Our New Website

Tuesday 2nd March 2021
A warm and friendly welcome to our new website, specifically created to promote our extreme fundraising event, in support of the country’s leading mental health charity specialising in veteran rehabilitation. Our gruelling seven day challenge intends to raise awareness of mental health issues in both military and civilian walks of life, whilst elevating the profile of the work that Combat Stress does to support service personnel and veterans with PTSD, anxiety and depression. Our new website ...

Day Seven a Fitting Finish

Monday 5th July 2021
After an epic and emotional week long event, Sip earlier today completed the final stint of his challenge, accumulating a total distance of three marathons in a twenty four hour period. Faced with weather conditions that would faze a frog, he ran with courage and determination through the elements to reach the finish line. From torrential rain and thunderstorms to blazing sun, the weather followed the roller coaster of emotions felt by all through the last week, a fitting climate to end what ...

Chamois Sponsor in Support

Monday 14th June 2021
Chamois, the UK-based marketing, PR and advertising agency has announced their sponsorship of the Enduro7 Challenge, in Support of the service charity, Combat Stress. Chamois are helping Enduro7 to increase awareness and thereby acquire further sponsors and donors. As well, Chamois is providing a significant cash donation to the chosen cause. Enduro7 is a challenge that will be completed by Major Sip Powers to raise funds for the veteran’s mental health charity, Combat Stress. Sip will und...

Web Studios Ltd
This website and all of our marketing materials have been crafted with love and passion by one of our key sponsors, who have donated their time and efforts over a period of months to help the cause. Web Studios Ltd is a long established website design and marketing agency based in Lincolnshire, specialising in the creation of online and offline content, supported by promotion strategies to bring about success. The company has designed and created our brand, promotional materials and developed this website, whilst continuing to support us with ongoing marketing and promotion, for which we cannot thank them enough.