Alan Hinkes Joins The Team

Alan Hinkes Joins the Team

Enduro7 and Combat Stress are proud to announce one of the greatest mountaineers in the world, Alan Hinkes OBE, has now officially joined the Enduro7 team! Alan is the only Briton to have climbed all fourteen of the world‘s 8000 metre peaks, and is an International Mountain Guide and active campaigner for numerous charities. One such charity, Diabetes UK, is close to our hearts with both Major Sip Powers and LCpl Tom Towers being type 1 diabetics.

Alan will be joining the team on a number of the days through our endurance event, including abseiling at the Riverside Football Stadium in Middlesbrough, which he is no stranger to with his association with the Royal Marine Reserves. He will also partake in a trek with us across the Yorkshire 3 Peaks, and climbing at Brimham Rocks, which he did as a youngster whilst at Northallerton Grammar School. Sip has followed Alan Hinkes for most of his life, and is not ashamed to admit, he was one of his childhood heroes that led him to become a professional mountaineer himself. Many of our team members are both military and civilian qualified mountaineers, and we are all incredibly humbled by his support and to have him on board.

Alan has faced danger and immense pressures during his exploits through the years, and fully supports everything Combat Stress are trying to achieve to help the 2.4 million UK veterans and numerous service personnel currently suffering in silence with mental health issues. He is excited about our seven day event and the challenges Enduro7 will bring, stating "it sounds gopping, where do I sign up". With Alan's support we hope to raise the profile for our event nationally, and can’t wait for him to be involved in what we are trying to achieve on behalf of Combat Stress.

So, what are you waiting for? Your support, whether that be via a donation or by simply sharing our message on social media, is key to the success of our event. Donating via our website is safe, quick and easy and all transactions are collected and processed securely in partnership with Just Giving. Every penny counts as we target raising a life-changing amount for the charity. The donation process is hassle free and secure, and your funds will be sent directly to the benefactor Combat Stress.

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