Chamois Sponsor in Support of Combat Stress

Chamois Sponsor in Support

Chamois, the UK-based marketing, PR and advertising agency has announced their sponsorship of the Enduro7 Challenge, in Support of the service charity, Combat Stress. Chamois are helping Enduro7 to increase awareness and thereby acquire further sponsors and donors. As well, Chamois is providing a significant cash donation to the chosen cause.

Enduro7 is a challenge that will be completed by Major Sip Powers to raise funds for the veteran’s mental health charity, Combat Stress. Sip will undertake a mammoth challenge to complete seven extreme sporting events within seven days, with no rest. This endurance event will demonstrate the effects that sleep disruption and deprivation can have on a person’s psychological state and mental health, whilst still maintaining a gruelling non-stop challenge.

The chosen charity, Combat Stress, is the UK’s leading charity for mental health. For over a century they have been helping former servicemen and women deal with issues like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety and depression. Today, they provide specialist treatment and support for veterans from every service and conflict, focusing on those with complex mental health issues related to their military service. Combat Stress provides a range of community, outpatient and residential mental health services to veterans with complex mental health issues.

Major Sip Powers said: "we’re absolutely delighted to be receiving this support from Chamois. The CEO, Jamie Clarke, was my Troop Commander when I first joined the Army nearly 30 years ago and as an extreme sports athlete himself, there is a close link between him and what I’m doing with Enduro7". He added, "For me, seven days of pain is nothing compared to what some service personnel and veterans go through on a daily basis, suffering in silence".

Jamie Clarke, CEO at Chamois said: "Sip Powers was one of the finest young soldiers in my troop all those years ago and I’m really pleased to have seen such a successful career progression for him and to see he is still contributing and helping others in such a kind and selfless way. By completing the Enduro7 challenge Sip will be raising vital funds for Combat Stress and we all wish him the very best of luck". He added: "without going into any details, PTSD has affected my life considerably in an indirect way so to support Combat Stress as they help others is very important to me personally and to Chamois as a veteran owned and staffed business".

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Supporting Veterans

Tuesday 23rd February 2021
Whilst we mentally and physically prepare for the endurance challenge later in the year, no doubt pushing Major Powers to breaking point, we won’t neglect to forget that our efforts are worth nothing without your support, encouragement and generous donations. Honestly, seven days of pain is nothing compared to what our service personnel and veterans go through daily, both mentally and physically, suffering in silence. This really is our chance to make a difference to those dedicated people wh...

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Sunday 4th July 2021
A marina on the Ripon Canal in Yorkshire was basecamp for day six of Sip’s mammoth challenge, traveling back to familiar territory for a twenty four hour paddle up and down the steady waters. After the heights and undulation of the last three days, climbing, mountain trekking and abseiling, canoeing and a more rural setting provided a more peaceful backdrop to todays challenge, an important one for Sip and the team to reflect on the scale of the achievement so far. At the start of this day...

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After an epic and emotional week long event, Sip earlier today completed the final stint of his challenge, accumulating a total distance of three marathons in a twenty four hour period. Faced with weather conditions that would faze a frog, he ran with courage and determination through the elements to reach the finish line. From torrential rain and thunderstorms to blazing sun, the weather followed the roller coaster of emotions felt by all through the last week, a fitting climate to end what ...

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This website and all of our marketing materials have been crafted with love and passion by one of our key sponsors, who have donated their time and efforts over a period of months to help the cause. Web Studios Ltd is a long established website design and marketing agency based in Lincolnshire, specialising in the creation of online and offline content, supported by promotion strategies to bring about success. The company has designed and created our brand, promotional materials and developed this website, whilst continuing to support us with ongoing marketing and promotion, for which we cannot thank them enough.