Follow Our Progress

Follow Our Progress

As we face the countdown to our gruelling seven day challenge, with no rest and minimal sleep, we urge you to follow our progress and spread the word about our event. Your support, whether that be via a donation or by simply sharing our message on social media, is key to the success of our event, and without you our efforts will be fruitless. Such an extreme event as this takes months of planning, with a team of people supporting from all angles, both internally by teams in the forces and externally by specialist companies who are donating their time and efforts to support the cause. Let us not kid ourselves, this challenge will have a massive impact on the life of Major Powers over the next few months, as he prepares to push his body and mind to the absolute extreme.

Please do follow our progress in as many ways as possible, and help us to reach more people by sharing and liking the content on our social media channels. Over the coming months we aim to expand our accounts with fresh and engaging posts, sharing our vision behind the event and the personal stories which motivate us to strive to make a difference. We are sure time will fly over the coming months, as training regimes ramp up and we undergo recces at potential locations for each of the day long disciplines, which include abseiling, road cycling, canoeing, climbing, mountaineering, off road mountain biking and running. These events will all be completed for a full day, on consecutive days with no rest and minimal sleep, which will really push Major Powers to breaking point, both physically and mentally.

As we count down the time until we complete our challenge, let us not forget about those veterans who struggle to tackle the past each and every day, suffering alone and in silence. By raising donations for the country’s leading veteran mental health charity, we really do hope to make a difference, helping those dedicated servicemen and women to face their anxiety and take on the future. The service that our chosen charity provides is priceless to those veterans involved, providing free peer to peer support, treatment programmes and helplines to servicemen and women in their time of need. Get involved, share our passion and let us all work together to make a real difference.

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Cookies and Privacy

Cookies and Privacy

Tuesday 16th February 2021
We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our website visitors and those who donate. This policy explains when and why we collect personal information about people who visit our website, how we use it, the conditions under which we may disclose it to others and how we keep it secure. Your continued use of this website will be subject to the then current privacy policy and inline with our current terms and conditions. We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time. In ...

Day Five Scaling New Heights

Saturday 3rd July 2021
Day five reached new heights for the Sip and the team, putting the disappointment of Thursday behind them. This time descent was order of the day, with twenty four hours of abseiling at the Exchange Flags building in Liverpool city centre. A historically prominent building, used during the second world war as a command centre for marine fleet, it posed as the ideal base for day five, after a late scramble to secure a new venue from the Riverside Stadium in Middlesbrough. Originally planned...

Day Seven a Fitting Finish

Monday 5th July 2021
After an epic and emotional week long event, Sip earlier today completed the final stint of his challenge, accumulating a total distance of three marathons in a twenty four hour period. Faced with weather conditions that would faze a frog, he ran with courage and determination through the elements to reach the finish line. From torrential rain and thunderstorms to blazing sun, the weather followed the roller coaster of emotions felt by all through the last week, a fitting climate to end what ...

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This website and all of our marketing materials have been crafted with love and passion by one of our key sponsors, who have donated their time and efforts over a period of months to help the cause. Web Studios Ltd is a long established website design and marketing agency based in Lincolnshire, specialising in the creation of online and offline content, supported by promotion strategies to bring about success. The company has designed and created our brand, promotional materials and developed this website, whilst continuing to support us with ongoing marketing and promotion, for which we cannot thank them enough.